Anti-static FR Modacrylic Shirts

Anti-static FR Modacrylic Shirt Performance:Soft and elastic, fluffy and hairy, good in keeping warm and good in flame-retardant effect

Standard:EN471,EN11611,EN11612,IEC61482,NFPA2112,EN1149-3,GB8965-2009 and GB12014-89

Color:red,orange,nave,royal etc or customized

The Anti-static FR Modacrylic Shirts are made from domestic fine chlorine fiber or Protex fiber, adding certain proportion of other flame retardant fiber, conductive fiber and long-staple cotton.The Anti-static FR Modacrylic Shirts are soft and elastic, fluffy and hairy, good in keeping warm and good in flame-retardant effect.Modacrylic flame-retardant fabric has permanent flame retardant, breathable moisture, moisture absorption and perspiration, feel soft and comfortable, can do fluorescent yellow through EN471 standard.Customers can customize the style and color of work clothes according to their own needs.

Anti-static FR Modacrylic Shirts adopt advanced and enviromently-chemical,which contain 88% cotton12% nylon.We also can customize according to customer’s requirements,adding other meterials.The use of the strong nylon on the one hand, strengthen the fabric soft feel, on the other hand, improve the service life of 50%。

Testing is the most important part in the safety management and control program of Xinke. The modern testing center of Xinke Protective is equippedwith the most advanced testing equipment: flame retardant testing room, constant temperature and humidity testing room, national standard, European standard, American standard washing room, drum Drying room and friction color fastness and washing fastness detection. At the same time,the Anti-static FR Modacrylic Shirts also experience layers of inspection,in order to offer customers most safety and comfortable gurantee.

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