Welder Jacket


Breathable and hand feel softness, no harmful to body and easy to wash

Excellent color fastness, high strength to ensure durability

Low formaldehyde content, environmental protection and safety of fabric

Standard:EN ISO 11611,EN ISO 11612,IEC 61482-1-2

Color:red,orange,nave,royal etc or customized

Welder Jacket  is according to the welding and the strength of the ultraviolet light made for welding workers labor insurance supplies or work clothes ChangFu, are generally not long sleeves, square collar, should look. Some have protective performance, such as wear resistance, heat insulation and fireproof performance.

Welders are usually in high temperature, slag splash, high radiation conditions such as homework, if you don’t wear protective clothes properly, it is easy to cause damage to the body。so,Welder Jacket is a kind of fire retardant fabric clothing.Welder Jacket main fabric components are 88% cotton and 12% nylon.which can give worker  the most comprehensive protection.

Xinke protective not only has advanced detection center, but also has a research and development department. It has been researching and developing multifunctional protection products for many years, and developed a new environmental friendly flame retardant technology in 2009, and has registered a trademark –frecotexR.

Xinke protective has the clothing factory, imports the advanced clothing production equipment, not only guarantees the clothing product quality, but also guarantees 260 production equipment unifies the staff operation level efficiency. Can produce more than 60000 pieces of clothing per month, each customer order can be completed and shipped on time.

Welder Jacket used in fire protection, electric power industry and welder.The use of welder jacket work is the first, it can protect the lives of workers safety.Our company not only produces personal protective welder jacket work, but also produces a variety of functional fabrics, we can provide personal protective welder jacket work and functional fabrics to the world.If you have the needs in this area can also contact us,can call 86 373 3535038 or send email to Jessica@xinkeprotective.com,our manager will contact you promptly.