Anti-UV Jackets

Fabric:use of anti-UV treatment

Performance:Protect the body from harm of ultraviolet radiation.UPF 50+,UVA transmittance below 5%

Standard:AS/NZS 4399,GB/T 18830,EN13758.1,UV Standard 801

Color:red,orange,nave,royal etc or customized

Anti-UV jackets work clothes the main fabric composations are 100% cotton fabric.Anti-UV jackets can protect the body from harm of ultraviolet radiation.UPF 50+,UVA transmittance below 5%, softness hand feel and no harmful to human body, excellent Anti-UV ability.It is good for customers to outdoors activities or outdoors homework.

Anti-UV jackets have  light weight, soft and easy to clean, dressed in relaxed and comfortable; And has strong water absorption capacity and permeability and some wind, lets the wearer keep best motion state in the outdoor activities.Special Anti-UV jackets do can effectively prevent ultraviolet radiation to the skin. In hot season wear clothing with uv protection functions, sweat quickly derived from the surface of the skin to the surface of the fabric, and fast drying, no longer plagued by sweat.

Xinke Protective has registered it’s own brands —FRECOTEX®, FRARCTEX®, FRDURATEX® at Europe& America market in 2009 and gained market share there. Also obtained CE、UL、Oeko-tex certification, and passed ISO9000、ISO8000、ISO14000 WARP etc system certification. And 2014 year, past the strictest UL (as America market green passport).

Xinke protective has specialized community of technicians employed from foreign garment factory,which has mature garment production and quality control,we produce Anti-UV jackets have strict contral, and experience layer and layer inspection,aim to offer customers excellent production.Our company not only produces personal protective equipment, but also produces a variety of functional fabrics, we can provide personal protective equipment and functional fabrics to the world.If you have the needs in this area can also contact us,can call 86 373 3535038 or send email to,our manager will contact you promptly.