Cotton/Nylon Fire Resistant Pants

Fabric:high quality cotton,special nylon fiber

Performance:Perfect protective characteristics than cotton and normal nylon fiber blending.High tenacity,extend the usage for 50%

Standard:ASTM D6413,NFPA 2112,ASTM F1959,NFPA 70E,IEC 61482-1-1

Color:red,orange,nave,royal etc or customized

Cotton/nylon fire resistant pants work clothes is a kind of fire retardant fabric clothing.The main fabric components are 88% cotton and 12% nylon fabric.High quality cotton, special nylon fiber .hand feel softness and no harmful to human body, excellent flame retardant properties, High fastness, abrasion resistant, washable.

Cotton/nylon fire resistant pants are used in comprehensive range of flame retardant workwearfor oil and  gas, electrical, construction, shipyard,military and chemical industries etc.of course ,Cotton/nylon fire resistant pants have variety of color and styles.A lot of pocket allows you to put some tools convenient in work。we also can design according to you require.

Each year, Xinke Protective are developing the new products to the market. It is the strong technology team that contribute their work to the continued products rang. It is the strict-control production line’s offer that guarantee the further products. Xinke Protective sets up workwear factory in 2009,producing a comprehensive range of Cotton/nylon fire resistant pants for oil and gas, electrical, construction , shipyard,  military and chemical industries.

Xinke protective has the clothing factory, imports the advanced clothing production equipment, not only guarantees the clothing product quality, but also guarantees 260 production equipment unifies the staff operation level efficiency. Can produce more than 60000 pieces of clothing per month, each customer order can be completed and shipped on time.

Cotton/nylon fire resistant pants will experience layer and layer  quality inspection ,in order to offer customers the best production. Our company not only produces personal protective equipment, but also produces a variety of functional fabrics, we can provide personal protective equipment and functional fabrics to the world.If you have the needs in this area can also contact us,can call 86 373 3535038 or send email to,our manager will contact you promptly.