FR&Anti-static Pants

Fabric:use import conductive fiber to be processing blended

Performance:After 100 times of washing is far more less than 7u c/m2.Thermal protective,anti burst performance,antistatic and natural antistatic,long service life

Standard:EN ISO 11611,EN ISO 11612,IEC 61482-1-2,EN 1149-3

Color:red,orange,nave,royal etc or customized

Application:petrochemical industry,natural gas,electric power industry etc

FR&Anti-static Pants work clothes is a kind of fire retardant fabric clothing.The main fabric components are 100% cotton or 100% cotton 1% Anti-static ,which is use import conductive fiber to be processing blended.FR&Anti-static Pants have better color fastness and formaldehyde is less 75PPM.Thermal protective,anti burst performance,antistatic and natural antistatic,long service life, softness hand feel and no harmful to human body.It can solve the electrostatic problem of textiles continuously and efficiently.

FR&Anti-static Pants is widely used in mining minerals, oil, outdoor operations, forestry army and so on. And the FR&Anti-static Pants are harmless to human body, and do not contain formaldehyde, heavy metal ions and other harmful substances.which can be designed variety of style and color.multi functional pockets can bring great help for your work.of course,we can design according to your requires.

Xinke protective not only has advanced detection center, but also has a research and development department. It has been researching and developing multifunctional protection products for many years, and developed a new environmental friendly flame retardant technology in 2009, and has registered a trademark –frecotexR.

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FR&Anti-static Pants  can protect the lives of workers safety.Our company not only produces personal protective equipment, but also produces a variety of functional fabrics, we can provide personal protective equipment and functional fabrics to the world.If you have the needs in this area can also contact us,can call 86 373 3535038 or send email to,our manager will contact you promptly.